The comic store got 72 new comics. 8 kids came and wanted the new comics. How many comics would each of them get?


If each comic cost $8.00. How much money would it cost for all the comic books?

What is the difference? Weather and Climate

Weather is like is it sunny or rainy. Weather only explains what is happening right now. Like today it is rainy and overcast. Also other days it could be sunny and warm. Where climate is the temperature over a period of time. Also it affects what grows in that area where Russia it is cold for most of the time it is cold and not a lot of things grow like plants and animals. Also maybe in Brazil a lot of plants and animals grow because of the warm temperatures.

My math warmup



6÷4=1 and a half




there were 6 birds on each of the 4 logs. how many birds were on each log?

Half of them got scared and flew away. How many birds were there now?


Top Ten Thing’s I Am Grateful For

#1 My family I am grateful for my family because they can help you all the time.

#2 My life I am grateful for my life because who does not like being alive.

#3 Music. Who does not like music life would be boring there would be no Star Wars theme.

#4 Books I am grateful for my books because then iI can read and if I cant read I could not drive because I cant read signs.

#5 Teachers I am grateful for teachers because I would not know how to do math and if teachers were not here I would not be able to learn the piano.

#6 Sports I am grateful for sports cause my dad can teach me new things that you need to know.

#7 Cake I am grateful for cake because if there is know cake you cant have an awesome birthday cake.

#8 Cuddling I am grateful for cuddling because if there was no cuddling I would not know I was loved.

#9 Ice cream I am grateful for Ice cream because i love Kellerhaus.

#10 Breakfast I am grateful for Breakfast because we used to go to a place called Hoatys.


Mission Unstoppable 4 Spirits Arrive

Greece 2013

“Hello President” said William “Yakoos” said Giannis “I came to talk about Prince William” “He was an Good man”

Russia 2013

“Hello Grandson” said Spirit of Nikola “What” said Nikola the 3rd   “I am Nikola sr” “But you are dead” “No I am alive” “bu bu” 

England 2013

“William” said Dave “what” “Nikola sr is back” “What” “His spirit” “I get it”. “And Nikola Jr.”

Panama 2014

“Why do you want our land” the elder said the soldiers replied “long live Russia”

England 2014

Bruno fueled up the plane for Panama to fight the Russian spy Nikola sr and his grandson Nikola the 3rd.

The day after in panama 

the MU force celebrated there victory but was that the last of Nikola the 3rd

Part 2 of my math

This problem is the 18 divided by 2

There were 18 gamers. Half of them wanted Minecraft. The other half wanted NBA 2k20. How many wanted each?


Part 2 of problem 1

2k20 cost 50 dollars and Minecraft cost 80 dollars how much money would it cost? That was called the gamers problem (Problemo)


This problem is the 10X4 problem or (Shoe problem)

10 Basketball players went to buy 4 new pairs of shoes. How many did they buy

Part 2

Each pair of shoes cost 50 dollars. How much money did they use?